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Call to action:

Together, we architect innovative learning solutions through consultation, design, research, production, and publication for the organization that wishes to improve the well-being of people in the United States and abroad.

Our platform is progressive as is our thinking. We are a crowd-sourced and crowd-funded consulting and advocacy group that brings the world's socially minded talent together to solve our time's most challenging education obstacles. We are a community of thinkers moving communities forward.

The Bindery Knowledge Group is:

Bindery Knowledge Works - Consulting Services 

Bound: Public Knowledge Radio (BPKR) - Podcast 

The Bindery - Journal and Publications 

Bindery Knowledge Foundation - Philanthropic Fund

BKGreen - Environmental Education


We will focus efforts on three major elements of the Bindery Knowledge Group: 


Learning Solutions for the Educational Institution


Learning Solutions for the

Non-Profit Organization


Learning Solutions for the Start-Up Company


Meet the team

Our work, team, and purpose, will never be bound to a single nation, nor a single industry. We will work in synchrony with the transformative nature and geography of our clients. 


Josh DeVincenzo, M.Ed.

Founding Director, BKG

Learning Architect, Bindery Knowledge Works

New York, New York, North America


Fare Olagbaju

Co-Founder, BKG

Producer, Bound: Public Knowledge Radio (BPKR)

Lagos, Nigeria, Africa


Ronald Vieira

Co-Founder and Partner, BKG

Chief Strategist, Bindery Knowledge Works

Cincinnati, Ohio, North America

Valencia, Venezuela, Latin America


Candela Niesl

Editor in Chief, The Bindery

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin America


Ignacio Godoy

UX and Data Analytics, BKG

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin America

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Luis Tomas Linares Peña

Chief Project Manager, BKG

Valencia, Venezuela, Latin America

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Anthony Lacqua

Financial Advisor, BKG

Miami, Florida, North America


Natália Abdalla

Team Lead, BKG Creative

Cincinnati, Ohio, North America



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