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Dear Friends,


It would only be appropriate on the outset of a new venture, to begin with the truth. The truth is that one is an extraordinarily fortunate person if you can do something that you love, value and ultimately can progress those around you forward. Far too often and far too easily can one be deterred from this path by pressures coming from what seems to be all angles. With that, I am humbled and fortunate to shed light on a project that has been nearly two years in the making. With the help of some of the brightest minds and greatest and closest friends transcending the globe, we have formed The Bindery Knowledge Group (BKG), a non-profit 501c3 pending, solutions firm dedicated to developing organizations around the world. Although book binding is becoming more and more of an ancient practice, the concept of bringing ideas and people together to effectively share and bind our human narrative is timeless. We are a crowd-sourced solutions firm. Tapping into the minds the world over. We welcome all who wish to get involved and grow our community. 

Our vision is to serve as an equalizer for organizations out there doing the work that matters most and working to cultivate minds through education formal and informal. In 2018, we will be working on three continents, North America, South America and Africa through consultation, design, research, production, and publication. Truthfully, I admit that any help on this journey would be incredibly appreciated. Whether you wish to contribute an article to our journal, The Bindery, work on the podcast Bound: Public Knowledge Radio, volunteer on a consulting project (think of it like doctors without borders but consulting), advise or send your best, the group thanks you.